What Did Zeus Do?

did-zeus Credit: coolbiere photograph/Moment/Getty Images

Zeus did many things, but his most notable act was overthrowing his father Cronus and the rest of the Titans. After Zeus was born, his father wanted to eat him, but his mother protected him by hiding him in a cave. Once Zeus reached adulthood, he tricked his father into drinking a potion that made him regurgitate the rest of Zeus's siblings, and together, they overthrew Cronus.

Zeus is the god of the sky, and his weapon of choice is a thunderbolt. He is considered the supreme god of the Greek pantheon, and he lives in Olympus with his brother Poseidon, his sisters and many of his children.

His first wife Rhea helped him overthrow Cronus. However, Zeus feared greatly that any son born by Rhea would overthrow him, so he ate her. Eventually, he felt a pounding in his skull, and their daughter Athena, goddess of wisdom, emerged from his skull.

Zeus married his sister Hera, and together they had the god Hephaestus. One day, when Hephaestus tried to get in the middle of his parent's argument, Zeus grabbed him and threw him, rendering him permanently disabled.

In spite of Zeus' marriage, he continued to date many other women including Io, who was turned into an ass when Hera approached, and Leto, the mother of the twins Apollo and Artemis.