How Did Every Witch Way End Season One?


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In the season one finale of Every Witch Way, Emma defeats the principal with the help of Maddie and a spell from the Hexoren. At the end of the episode, Emma shares her first kiss with Daniel after the eclipse and then realizes that she still has her powers.

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The season one finale, titled "The Chosen One," originally aired on January 30, 2014. The episode begins with the principal manipulating Daniel to trick Emma into coming to the empty auditorium. In the theater, the principal plans on stealing Emma's powers. Emma and her friend Andi assumed the principal was dead. Once they realize the principal is alive and that she has Daniel, they team up with the Sharks and Panthers for help.

During the fight, Emma persuades Maddie not to help the principal. Maddie and Emma are able to bond over the loss of a parent. Then the Hexoren, which is the spell book that belonged to Emma's mother, flies over to Emma and Maddie. With a spell from the book, Emma and Maddie combine powers to defeat the principal. Once she is defeated, the damage the principal has caused is reversed.

Emma believes she has lost her powers, so she asks Lily if she can become a guardian. After the eclipse, Daniel sings a song for Emma, and then they share a kiss. In the end, Emma realizes that she still has her powers and Maddie was the one who had lost hers, which Emma decides to keep secret.

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