Did Vincent Van Gogh Have Children?

Vincent van Gogh probably never had children and certainly never married. He was neither mentally nor physically suited to being a father or husband, as he suffered greatly from anxiety and mental illness and was sickly for much of his short life.

Van Gogh was involved with several women over his lifetime, mostly the models and prostitutes who were common elements in the society of Impressionist painters. However, none of these relationships lasted. A promising relationship with the respectable but decade-older Margot Begemann was cut short because their families disapproved.

Scottish journalist Kenneth Wilkie hypothesized that van Gogh may have had an illegitimate child with Dutch prostitute Clasina Maria Hoornik. Canadian painter Van Willem Romeijn claims to be a descendant of that relationship, but the van Gogh family has ignored his requests for DNA testing to determine the truth.