Why Did Shakespeare Become a Writer?

There is no consensus on why William Shakespeare became a writer. He initially started as an actor but eventually began writing his own plays and poems. Some scholars and historians suggest he started writing to make money.

Although William Shakespeare is among the most successful English writers of all time, his life is not without controversy. His motivation for becoming a writer is one of the obscure areas. Debates rage over how a man from a humble background became such an accomplished writer. Fellow writers and countrymen dismissed him when he made his debut into theatre, but some, such as Robert Greene, recognized the man's prowess. The period between 1585 and 1592, often called the "lost years," has also been subject to intense scrutiny and debate.

William Shakespeare rose from these apparent contradictions to become England's best-known author. His famous poems and plays remain popular in the modern age. His works appear in curriculum and learning institutions all over the world, and many films are based on his writings. Some scholars attribute his success to royal patronage, but this is debatable given his contemporaries also received support from members of the royal family.

His best-known plays include "Romeo and Juliet," "The Merchant of Venice" and "Hamlet."