Where Did the Rumor of Steve Perry's Death First Start?

Rumors of Steve Perry’s death began circulating when the band Journey replaced him in 1998 and resurfaced with the announcement of the death of the similarly named singer, Steven Paul Perry, from cancer in 2013. Perry disclosed that he had undergone treatment for melanoma earlier that year.

Perry served as the lead singer for the band Journey from 1977 to 1987. He took a break from the music business following the death of his mother and the breakup of Journey, making only occasional appearances. He reunited with the band to record the album “Trial By Fire” in 1996, but was unable to tour due to health reasons. After waiting two years, the band replaced him and toured with a new singer, causing fans to speculate on his health, as Perry remained somewhat reclusive. In 2013, Perry revealed he had been diagnosed with and treated for melanoma, but the death of singer Steven Paul Perry from cancer later that year refueled rumors of his death.