Why Did the Roloff's File for Divorce?

Matt and Amy Roloff said longstanding tensions between them led to their decision to divorce in 2015. The stars of the TLC show "Little People, Big World" talked about the possibility of divorce before, including on the show two years earlier.

The couple had been married for 27 years. They separated in 2014 while still sharing parenting duties and responsibilities operating the family farm.

Matt Roloff said he and his wife weathered the strife for perhaps longer than was necessary and that he never felt comfortable at home. The couple announced the divorce in a statement that also said the two planned to continue to share responsibilities for business ventures. The couple also noted how proud they are of their grown children and their shared business accomplishments.

In a 2013 special titled "Separation Anxiety," the couple talked about their relationship, which had been troubled for years. The specter of separation had begun to loom more ominously once their children all moved out. They tried to add some fun to the marriage, but the attempts were mostly failures, and Matt Roloff confessed that he thought constantly about divorce. Amy Roloff admitted that they never seemed to find the secret to living with each other.