Who Did Picasso Marry?

Picasso had two wives, Olga Khokhlova and Jacqueline Roque. Picasso was married to Olga from 1918 to 1955, although he also had other lovers during the time. Jacqueline was married to him from 1961 until his death in 1973.

Picasso met Olga when she worked for the Russian ballet. Together, they had a son named Paulo. The two became estranged in 1935, but Picasso refused her a divorce so that he could keep his art collection intact. Olga later died in 1955 from cancer, thus ending their marriage. There were several muses and mistresses between Olga and Jacqueline. Jacqueline virtually sacrificed her life to shelter Picasso from the stress that came with his fame, but did so willingly. She worked tirelessly after his death to preserve and promote his work.