When Did Nicole Curtis Marry Her First Husband?

As of September 2015, Nicole Curtis has never revealed the identity of her husband or when she was married and her marital status is questionable. She discusses being a single mom in 2005 and has a 16-year old son, Ethan, who was born before she graduated college.

Curtis portrayed herself as a single mother in the first season of her show “Rehab Addict,” which debuted in 2010. She announced via social media that she is expecting her second child on July 6, 2015, and an article published the following day indicates that she had told Michigan Monthly that she was married but would not reveal her husband’s identity. In that interview, published in 2012 she stated she was "off the market,” when asked if she was single. However, she makes no mention of a husband in an interview that appeared on March 28, 2015, describing her house as a home for her son, herself and their two rescue pups. Also, she reported being robbed on Sept. 7, 2015 while putting her four-month old child in the car, leaving some dates and her marital status in doubt.