What Did the Muhammad Cartoons Consist Of?


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The Muhammad cartoons posted in the Danish newspaper "Jyllands-Posten" feature images of the Islamic prophet Muhammad in numerous insulting or mocking poses. For many readers, the content was no more serious than that found in typical political cartoons; however, Muslims' deep respect for the prophet, along with the Islamic taboo of displaying the human face in art, led to a serious controversy.

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Among the images, Muhammad is shown as a desert traveler. This is probably the least offensive of the images. An offensive cartoon featured an illustration of the prophet Muhammad wearing what appears to be a turban inscribed with Arabic characters. Upon closer inspection, however, the turban is revealed to be a time bomb with a lit fuse.

One of the more offensive images shows Muhammad standing in front of a green background, wielding a large knife, while two women in full body covering wait behind him. The image is obviously meant to represent many of the videotapes sent by terrorist organizations to media outlets.

An extremely offensive comic shows Muhammad standing at the gates of the heaven and telling a group of obviously disheveled martyrs, "Stop stop we ran out of virgins." Cartoons such as this one fueled backlash and protests from Muslims and supporters of Islam.

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