Why Did Montag Go to See Faber?


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In the story "Fahrenheit 451," Montag went to see Faber to duplicate the contents of a salvaged Bible, in case something unfortunate happened to the original copy. The book, which was written by Ray Bradbury, was inspired by the author's memory of Hitler burning books.

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The protagonist in the novel is a fireman named Guy Montag. Set in a futuristic society where books are banned, Montag's job is to ensure that books are burned upon discovery. For years, he faithfully does his job without question. It all changes when he starts talking to his neighbor Clarisse, who opens his eyes to the wonders of nature. He grows dissatisfied with his life and work and begins to read for the first time, realizing that books are worthwhile. His boss, Captain Beatty, senses his disillusionment and lectures him on the dangers of books. Montag is not dissuaded and continues to read, even seeking the help of an ex-professor named Faber. The two men copied an old Bible for fear that something bad might befall it.

The story ends with Montag, together with a resistance force of readers composed of ex-professors and other intellectuals, rebuilding society after the city is bombed to the ground.

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