How Did Michael Jackson's Appearance Change Over the Years?


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During the course of his career, Michael Jackson used cosmetic surgery to change the size and shape of his nose dramatically. He also received treatment for vitiligo, a medical condition that causes pronounced lightening of the skin.

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Following a fall from the stage in 1979 that resulted in a broken nose, Jackson underwent at least two cosmetic procedures to reshape his nose. Jackson claimed to have had no other surgical procedures on his face; however, repeated surgeries left him with a nose that was barely functional.

Despite Jackson's claims to the contrary, a doctor who worked in the same practice as Jackson's plastic surgeon reported that the singer underwent as many as a dozen cosmetic surgical procedures over a two-year period. The alleged surgeries included insertion of cheek implants, eyelid surgery, repeated nose jobs and a procedure to put a cleft in the singer's chin. The doctor reported that the pop star underwent the procedures after normal business hours to maintain secrecy.

Vitiligo, which destroys pigment-producing cells, caused Jackson's skin to develop a speckled appearance over the years, especially on his face and hands. For treatment of his worsening skin condition, Jackson turned to a dermatologist who prescribed lightening creams in an effort to produce a more consistent skin tone.

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