When Did Joe Scarborough Get Divorced?

Joe Scarborough got divorced in January, 2013, according to TMZ. The couple first began divorce proceedings in September of 2012, and according to the terms of a settlement, they share joint custody of their two minor children, as of October 2015.

Joe Scarborough settled the terms of his divorce from his wife Susan Waren by agreeing to pay Susan spousal support payments of $30,000 per month for five years, followed by payments of $25,000 per month for another two years. The couple continues to share occupancy of the marital home.

Scarborough denies rumors of a romantic relationship with Mika Brzezinski, his co-host on MSNBC's "Morning Joe." Scarborough's ex-wife, Susan, previously worked for former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Before co-hosting "Morning Joe," Scarborough was a U.S. Congressman.