Did Any of the "Hee Haw" Cast Make It Big in Country Music?

"Hee Haw" cast members who had big country music careers include show hosts Buck Owens and Roy Clark. Actor and country musician Kenny Price had several singles top the country charts and one pop crossover hit before becoming a "Hee Haw" cast regular in the mid-1970s. Cast members such as Grandpa Jones and Archie Campbell were already popular country musicians with long-time careers before being cast on the show.

"Hee Haw" co-host Buck Owens pioneered a unique style of country music known as the Bakersfield sound, marrying electrified country with a hint of rock and roll. Owens rose to fame in the 1960s while popularizing his brand of honky tonk music. During this era, he had 15 number one hit singles, and his music influenced younger musicians such as Gram Parsons and Dwight Yoakam. While Roy Clark had one top 10 hit and several minor hit singles in the 1960s, his career skyrocketed as a result of co-hosting "Hee Haw." During the early years of the show, Clark had a number of top 10 country hit singles.

Numerous country music stars made appearances on "Hee Haw" and received wider exposure as a result. Stars who received a "Hee Haw" career boost include Loretta Lynn, Charley Pride, Kenny Rogers, Garth Brooks and Reba McEntire.