How Did the Evil Stepsisters View Cinderella?


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Based on Disney's 1950's adaptation of Cinderella, her stepsisters, Anastasia and Drizella, are jealous of and bitter about Cinderella's beauty. They abuse and mistreat Cinderella the same way their mother does. They force her to work household chores. On the evening of the ball before Cinderella meets her fairy godmother, these evil sisters tear apart Cinderella's dress.

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In addition Anastasia and Drizella are angered when they see the sashes and beads on Cinderella's dress. The sashes and beads are the sisters' discarded items picked up by Cinderella's animal friends that made the dress themselves.

There are many versions of Cinderella's story ? the story of a persecuted heroine. The earliest variant is the story of Rhodophis, a slave girl who ends up marrying the King of Egypt. Its origin is traced back to 1 BCE. In another version, Cenerentola from 1634 by Basile, Zezolla (the Cinderella figure) has six stepsisters instead of two. But among all the versions, the most sinister and gruesome is that of the Brothers Grimm. In their version, Cinderella's stepsisters go to the extent of cutting off parts of their own feet, so they can fit into the glass slipper in the hopes of fooling the prince. Two pigeons make the trickery known to the prince, and the same pigeons peck out the eyes of Cinderella's stepsisters, so the women end up as blind beggars.

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