Why Did Elie Wiesel Call His Book "Night"?


Elie Wiesel called his autobiographical book “Night” because the title conveys the deep darkness – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual – that permeated his experience in the death camps of Nazi Germany. As a child Wiesel and his father were imprisoned in the Auschwitz, Buna and Buchenwald concentration camps.

They survived the grueling work and starvation for more than eight months. His father, ill, exhausted and beaten by guards, was sent to his death in the crematorium a few weeks before the camp was liberated in April 1945. For years after the war Wiesel was unable to even talk about the experience. Finally encouraged by others, he wrote his story. “Night” has been translated into at least 30 languages and as of 2006 had sold six million copies.