Why Did Diana Gabaldon Cast Sam Heughan As Jamie Fraser in "Outlander"?


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Diana Gabaldon wrote that she cast Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser in the "Outlander" TV series because he acted exactly how she envisioned the character in two audition scenes. Although she doesn't consider physical appearance as important, she also felt he looked very similar to Jamie Fraser.

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In a confrontation scene, Gabaldon felt that Heughan was ferocious and demonstrated that he could be a warrior. In another scene, Heughan showcased all the emotions and emotions Gabaldon expected of the character, particularly his ability to be threatening and humorous simultaneously.

Gabaldon doesn't consider the actor's physical appearance to be particularly important, because many aspects, such as hair and eye color, are changeable. However, she felt that Heughan's face and body matched that of Fraser.

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