Why Did De Bussy Write "Claire De Lune"?


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Claude Debussy wrote "Clair de Lune" as part of his "Suite Bergamasque." "Clair de Lune" is the third movement of "Suite Bergamasque," and it is much more subdued than the other movements of the suite, standing in stark contrast to "Passepied," the movement that follows "Clair de Lune."

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The name "Bergamasque" is a reference to a bergamask, an Italian dance, and three of the movements have an upbeat tempo suitable for dancing. "Clair de Lune" stands out as a tranquil piece among all of the busy dancing. If "Suite Bergamasque" is a dance, "Clair de Lune" is the point when a couple goes outside to admire the moonlight and enjoy each other's company before returning to the festivities.

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