Why Did Chris Wragge Divorce His Wife?

Chris Wragge divorced from his wife, Victoria Silvstedt, following the revelation of photographs featuring Victoria with another man. In 2007, a news outlet leaked Vicoria's photos, and the couple officially divorced in 2009.

Chris Wragge and Victoria Silvstedt married in the year 2000. Victoria was a famous Swedish model, actress and Playboy's Playmate of the Year. Chris was working as an anchor and sports director for NBC Sports in Houston, Texas, at the time. Chris would later go on to become an anchor for CBS New York.

The photos of Victoria Silvstedt were taken in Sardinia, a large island in the Mediterranean Sea. Sky News posted the photos in an article on the Internet. Following this publication, Chris and Victoria threatened legal action against Sky News for slander. No legal action was actually taken, but Sky News did remove the page. It appears that, after this incident, the couple's relationship never recovered and it led to more and more issues, and eventually their separation in 2007 and subsequent divorce in 2009.

After the two separated, Chris Wragge started up a relationship with Alycia Lane, an anchor for CBS' Philadelphia affiliate. They dated while Chris and Victoria were separated, but not yet officially divorced.