What Did the Cast of "Hee Haw" Do After the Show Ended?


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After the cast of "Hee Haw" stopped taping new episodes in 1986, various cast members progressed to other entertainment projects, such as musical recordings, commercials, other television series or movies. Minnie Pearl stayed with the show until 1991 but left after suffering a stroke; she retired to a nursing home and passed away in 1996.

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Buck Owens was a well-established honky tonk singer before "Hee Haw" and returned to his roots after leaving the show, which he taped new episodes of until 1986. Afterward, he collaborated with Dwight Yoakam and recorded a final new album, "Hot Dog." He died at home in 2006.

Barbi Benton appeared on "Hee Haw" intermittently between 1972 and 1983. After 1983, she guest-starred on "Hollywood Squares," acted in the movie "Deathstalker" and had walk-on roles on several prime-time shows, such as "Murder She Wrote," "Rip Tide" and "Matt Houston."

Roy Clark, who cohosted "Hee Haw" with Buck Owens until 1992, appeared as himself on an episode of "The Drew Carey Show," while continuing to record, perform and tour. Clark concentrated on performing at his theater in Branson, Missouri. In 2000, he released a live recording of a performance, "Live at Billy Bob's Texas." Two releases of studio recordings followed in 2005.

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