How Did the "Breaking Bad" Fifth Season End?


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The fifth season of ”Breaking Bad” ended during the series finale episode, known as “Felina,” which marked the end of Walter White’s journey as a Methamphetamine kingpin. The episode finishes with Walter wrapping up all loose ends and succumbing to a fatal gunshot wound, as Jessie speeds away to freedom.

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Following a number of flashback scenes throughout the entire fifth season, the final chapter concludes with a deteriorating and wanted Walter White returning home. Before taking on the men who robbed him of his drug fortune and murdered his brother-in-law, Walter ensures that his remaining money is able to be securely delivered to his children, in the event of his death.

After deceiving his old acquaintances into promising to carry out this transaction, Walter visits his wife one final time and confesses. Walter reveals that he cooked meth for himself, as opposed to the repeated promises that his efforts were truly for her and the children. Although Walter holds his daughter one final time, he never says goodbye to his son, and watches him enter the house from afar. The episode concludes with Walter’s heavy machine gun opening fire from a rig that he assembled in his car, killing all of the men who robbed him of his fortune.

Walter tackles Jessie to the ground before the rounds rip through the building’s wall, after realizing that his former partner had been a prisoner during his absence and not an associate of the criminals. Jessie proceeds to kill Todd, while Walter executes the murderer of his brother-in-law. Although Walter offers Jessie an opportunity to kill him, he notices the chemist has been fatally wounded and declines. Walter calls Lydia to inform her that she has been poisoned and does not have long to live, before collapsing in the adjacent meth lab, which is the place where he was initially freed. The scene wraps with cops approaching a deceased Walter White, as Jessie speeds away.

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