How Did Atlantis Disappear?

According to legend, Atlantis was an island in the Atlantic Ocean that sunk below the Atlantic Ocean west of the Straits of Gibraltar during an earthquake. Encyclopedia Britannica notes that Atlantis is also known as Atalantis and Atlantica.

The principal sources for the legend of Atlantis are two dialogues of Plato called Timaeus and Critias. In Timaeus, Plato describes Egyptian priests talking with Solon who described Atlantis as an island bigger than Asia Minor and Libya combined. He also states that they mentioned it was located just beyond the Pillars of Hercules, which is known as the Straits of Gibraltar. Some modern archaeologists have linked Atlantis to the island of Thera, which is the surviving remnant of a much larger island destroyed by a volcanic eruption around 1500 B.C., according to