How Did Athena Deceive Hector?

In the "Iliad," Athena tricks Hector by appearing as his brother Deiphobus and convincing him to do battle with Achilles the superhuman warrior. Because of this deception, Hector is killed.

Mythic gods and goddesses are a major factor in the plot of the "Iliad," Homer's classic epic story of war and heroism. In the story, deity characters such as Athena, the goddess of wisdom, pick sides based on factors such as family lineage and theological favoritism. Hector is unfortunate enough to lose Athena's favor, and his fate is sealed when he enters into single combat with Achilles, Athena's favorite. At first, Hector runs from Achilles, but Athena appears as Deiphobus, Hector's brother, and goads him into facing Achilles. If Athena hadn't deceived him, Hector might have escaped with his life, but he ends up facing a gruesome death at Achilles' hands.