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According to AncientGreece.com, Archimedes is heralded by scientists, mathematicians and philosophers alike as one of the last great Greek mathematicians. Famous for his written work "Death Ray," as well as for his mathematical and philosophical theories, Archimedes has touched a variety of sciences and disciplines since his time.

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New York University notes that in addition to his ideas, Archimedes is famous for the invention of numerous war machines, compound pulley systems, the planetarium and likely the water organ. The thinker's largest area of influence is arguably within the field of mathematics, where he is known as the "father of integral calculus" as well as the "father of mathematical physics." Archimedes ranks as the greatest mathematician and scientist of antiquity as well as one of the three greatest mathematicians of all time, comparable only to Sir Isaac Newton and Carl Friedrich Gauss.

Archimedes has considerable relevance in popular culture as well as in scientific literature, although his name is not quite as well known as Newton or Gauss. According to AncientGreece.com, the popular phrase "Eureka," used to signify the formation of an idea, originally came from Archimedes. He was also a prolific writer on a variety of topics, with works including "On Spirals," "On Floating Bodies" and "The Sandreckoner."

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