Where Did Apollo Live?

Apollo was one of the 12 Olympian Gods to reside on Mt. Olympus, according to Greek mythology. He was the son of Zeus, who was considered king of the Greek gods.

Apollo is referred to as the god of prophecy, healing, music, song, poetry, archery, and the protection of the young. Apollo and his twin sister Artemis were the children of Zeus and Leto, and both were said to have resided on Mt. Olympus.

Mt. Olympus is commonly referred to as the heavenly home of the gods, in Greek mythology, with Zeus presiding as king. The gods and goddesses would hold court on Mt. Olympus to discuss the fate of the human race. Mt. Olympus was considered a paradise that humans could never reach. There the gods were said to have feasted on divine nectar and ambrosia, and the weather was always perfect.