Which Devices Are Draw a Stickman: Epic Available For?

Which Devices Are Draw a Stickman: Epic Available For?

Draw a Stickman: Epic, a game in which the player must draw solutions to help a stick man move through various obstacles, is available on Apple, Windows, Android and Kindle devices. A free-trial version of Draw a Stickman: Epic consisting of the first four levels is also available.

For Apple iPhone and iPad, the game can be downloaded through the Apple App Store. The game is also available for play on Apple computers through the Mac App Store.

Users of Android-based devices have the option of either downloading the game through Google Play or the Amazon Appstore. A player using a Samsung-branded device has the additional option to buy through the Samsung Apps store. Kindle users can only buy the game through the Amazon Appstore.

Windows Phone 7 and 8 users as well as PC desktop users can download the game directly through the Windows Apps and Games Store. Desktop Windows users also have the option of purchasing the game through the STEAM store.

The full, paid version of Draw a Stickman: Epic contains 15 levels. The paid version also has a bonus level that is only revealed after the player collects all the required items and masters certain tasks.