What Devices Can You Use to Watch Free Action Movies?

The simplest device on which to watch free action movies is a television set, using a digital antenna to receive networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. Use the TV Guide website to check local listings for scheduled showings. Additionally, free action movies can be viewed on tablets, smart phones, smart televisions, and computers from streaming services such as Crackle and Hulu using an app, or on a television using devices such as Roku, Xbox and Apple TV.

To watch free action movies on a given device using a streaming service, visit the provider's website for directions on how to download the appropriate app, or visit the iTunes or Google Play store to download the app directly. Movies are typically broadcast in high-definition digital format, so they use a lot of bandwidth. To keep your viewing free, be sure your broadband provider plan has unlimited data for a set price.

Paying a monthly fee to a service such as Netflix allows you to watch unlimited movies on a television or computer at no additional cost, commercial free.

If you have a DVD player connected to your television, you can watch free action movies by checking them out from most public libraries.