How Do You Determine the Worth of Your Old Records?


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Determine the worth of old records by gauging their condition, finding pressing information and then looking them up on online databases such as Popsike.com and Discogs. Most old records aren’t worth much, but rare albums in good condition can be quite valuable.

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How Do You Determine the Worth of Your Old Records?
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The first step to determine value is examining the records and figuring out what condition they are in. Records are graded according to the Goldmine scale, which rates them from Mint all the way down to Bad. Most records need to be in Very Good Plus or Very Good condition to sell for any substantial amount. Goldmine Magazine offers an explanation of grading practices for collectors looking to rate their own collections.

After rating the records in a collection, the next step is to look up pressing information online. Different editions of records are worth wildly different amounts, so it’s vital to know which pressing a record comes from before trying to sell it. Collector website Discogs allows users to enter a record’s serial number or other information in order to determine its pressing edition.

After determining a record’s edition, collectors can then look up its value online. Popsike.com is a useful website that aggregates sales data from eBay, one of the main sources for buying and selling old records. Collectors can also check sale prices on Discogs, another online marketplace for record collectors to buy and sell albums. Using the price data from these sites, collectors can get a sense of the price for which a record generally sells.

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