How Do You Determine Whether You Are Using Correct Grammar?


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There are a number of online and downloadable resources, such as the Ginger Grammar Checker, that can be used to proofread text for correct grammar. The Ginger Grammar Checker, which is available for free download from the Ginger Software website, allows users to enter text and automatically correct grammar mistakes, as well as spelling mistakes and misused words.

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How Do You Determine Whether You Are Using Correct Grammar?
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Some of the grammatical errors that the Ginger Grammar Checker can pick up on include inconsistencies in the use of tense and singular and plural nouns, subject verb agreement and irregular verb conjugations.

By installing the Ginger Grammar Checker, users have quick and easy access to the tool from within their existing web browser and office software.

In addition to tools such as the Ginger Grammar Checker, there is plenty of online guidance available for improving grammar. The Writing Center at the Harvard University website, for example, lists some of the most common grammatical mistakes along with advice on how to avoid them. These include comma and semicolon usage, split infinitives and references. According to the Harvard Writing Center, determining the correct usage of commas and semicolons is often as simple as reading sentences aloud and identifying the location of natural pauses. This website also provides guidance on improving writing style.

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