How Do You Determine the Meaning of a Song?


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To determine the meaning of a song, find out the lyrics of the song, read them carefully, and try to understand what the theme of the song is. Considering the genre of the song is important as well. Check if you can find any unusual or poetic phrases in the lyrics, as these often carry a lot of meaning. If the meaning of the song seems too obvious, re-examine it, and try to read deeper into the words.

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When trying to understand the meaning of the song, remember that artists often use songs to express their emotions. Consider the band or the singer that created the song, as some artists tend to write music about the same topics. However, sometimes artists like to take up new directions in their songs. Remember that there is no right or wrong interpretation of the song, as artwork often means something different to each person who enjoys it.

There are many websites that can help you to determine the meaning of the song, for example, SongMeanings and Songfacts. On SongMeanings users can post what they think the meaning of the song might be and discuss it with others. The website has lyrics of the songs as well. Songfacts has many fun facts and background stories about a lot of songs. This information can often help to understand the meaning of the song better.

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