What Are Some Details Surrounding Tamron Hall's Love Life?

What Are Some Details Surrounding Tamron Hall's Love Life?

Tamron Hall claims to be single until married, as of 2015. On an episode of "The Meredith Vieira Show," Hall participated in a form of "The Dating Game," questioning bachelors in an attempt to find the most suitable match.

For the 2015 episode, Hall actually goes on a date with the bachelor she chooses, according to her admission on a segment of the "Today" show, in which she promotes the clip. In a 2014 article on Philly.com, Hall confirms that she has a boyfriend, but as of 2015, she has yet to offer a name.

The same article mentions Lawrence O'Donnell in conjunction with Hall. O'Donnell, a fellow MSNBC anchor and Harvard-educated divorced father of one, hosts "The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell," a news program that airs on MSNBC. Although Hall and O'Donnell are occasionally photographed together, neither party confirms or denies a romantic connection.

The link between Hall and O'Donnell first appeared in news media outlets circa 2012. A 2014 story on BlackAmericaWeb.com speculates about a potential romance between Hall and pop star Prince. The two collaborated on the theme music for "NewsNight," another MSNBC new program.

Hall repudiates any rumors of romance between her and Prince. She says they are "good friends" and that Prince "gives me good advice."