What Are Some Details Surrounding Lyssa Chapman's Marriage?

Lyssa Chapman, daughter of Duane Chapman of "Dog the Bounty Hunter" fame, married Brahman "Bo" Galanti in Hawaii in February 2009. Lyssa filed for divorce in February 2011.

During their marriage, Lyssa and Bo had a daughter named Madalynn Grace in August 2009. Lyssa and Bo each had one daughter from previous marriages as well.

Lyssa's mother, Beth Chapman, says the reason for the divorce was that Bo had been abusing Lyssa. Radar Online also reports violent physical abuse as the reason for the divorce. One reported instance of abuse occurred on New Year's Eve 2010, which was followed by another incident a couple of months later after the couple went to a concert. Injuries sustained by Lyssa include bruises, contusions, a black eye and an injured back.

Lyssa did not press charges against Bo Galanti for his abuse, saying she did want the story in the press. She also believed he might change his ways and stop abusing her. During this period, Bo was kicked out of Lyssa's home on several occasions. Lyssa's father Duane threatened violence against Bo if the abuse continued. Lyssa went through marriage counseling in 2011, which helped her to decide to file for divorce.