What Are Some Details About Stana Katic's Wedding?


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Stana Katic married Kris Brkljac in April of 2015. The wedding was held on the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia at a private family monastery. According to Eonline.com, Stana Katic and Kris Brkljac had been in a long-term relationship prior to their marriage.

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Stana Katic has become famous for her role as Kate Beckett on the popular ABC show "Castle." Not many details were released about her wedding, but that should be no surprise due to the fact that she has a reputation for keeping her personal life out of the spotlight. According to Inquistr.com, Stana Katic's representative did reveal that Stana's husband, Kris, is a business efficiency consultant.

The world was shocked when the couple got married because Katic had kept the wedding out of the media so well that no one knew about it until it was already over. Some time after Katic celebrated her 37th birthday, the newlyweds released a black and white picture of their hands together with their wedding rings on. This revelation swept the media into a frenzy and created the desire for more details concerning their mysterious wedding.

Stana Katic grew up in Canada, but according to Dailymail, her parents are from the Dalmation Coast.

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