What Are Some Details of Sean and Jill Hannity's Marriage?

After meeting Jill Rhodes in 1992, Sean Hannity married her in 1993, despite opposition from their pastor and her coworkers. The couple has two children together, as of 2015.

In 1992, Hannity worked in Huntsville, Alabama, where he had his own afternoon radio show. He set up a mayoral debate in the city, where he met Rhodes, a writer for The Huntsville Times. The two dated for three months, and when Hannity accepted an offer for a talk-radio show in Atlanta, Georgia, he asked her to move with him. She agreed, under the condition that they married.

Hannity got into a political argument with the couple's pastor during pre-marriage counseling when Hannity told the pastor that the church had become too liberal, and the pastor told Rhodes that she was crazy to marry Hannity. Her coworkers at the newspaper also recommended she didn't marry him, due to his job as a radio host. Despite this, the couple married on Jan. 9, 1993. Hannity has stated that the pastor also wed many of the couple's friends, but Hannity and Rhodes are the only couple who are still married.

The couple have a boy and a girl. Their son, Patrick, was born in 2005. Their daughter, Merri Kelly, was born in 2008.