What Are the Details of the Scam Allegations About Dr. Sinatra?


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Although Dr. Stephen Sinatra has not faced extensive media scrutiny, many of his medical claims, such as his promotion of earthing, elicit a great deal of skepticism from the medical community. Furthermore, his financial stakes in the nutritional supplements company, Advanced Biosolutions, represents a conflict of interest and calls into question the objectivity of his research and publications.

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Dr. Stephen Sinatra achieved renown for his work as a cardiologist and for his accusations against pharmaceutical companies about the over-prescription of statin drugs. He is a proponent of using natural remedies over pharmaceutical drugs. However, he has since developed his fame and fortune by means of a medical media empire in the vein of Drs. Oz and Mercola, who have also been accused of peddling false information and acting as entertainers instead of medical practitioners.

One of Dr. Sinatra's most controversial theories is that physical contact with the ground enables the body to absorb the energy of free electrons and thereby reduce free-radical activity that causes inflammation and chronic pain, a practice known as "earthing" or "grounding." Dr. Stephen Novella disputes this theory on the Neurologia Blog, pointing out that free radicals are actually produced by inflammation and not vice versa. Novella accuses proponents of practicing pseudoscience, misrepresenting the actual scientific research, employing poor methodology in studies and being motivated by profit.

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