What Are Some Details of Carolyn Clifford's Divorce?

While the details of Carolyn Clifford's divorce were kept private, many speculated it was directly related to the financial trouble in which her ex-husband, Frank Taylor, involved her. Taylor, the owner of several failed restaurants, neglected to pay large debts. Because of this, Clifford was sued for $100,000. Clifford's attorney immediately issued a statement that she had no involvement in any of Taylor's businesses and was not liable for the debt. The couple divorced shortly after.

Carolyn Clifford is a news anchor for WXYZ in Detroit. She began her career with WXYZ as the station's weekend health reporter, but she quickly transitioned to the morning news team. She abandoned her role as health reporter entirely when she was asked to co-anchor the 11 p.m. news. She was also the host of an Emmy-nominated program called "Healthy Living Sunday" and has won 13 Emmys for her work as a news anchor. She also frequently speaks out against domestic violence.

Clifford has since remarried Gregory F. Goss. Together, they have three children, Airielle, James and Brooke, and she is a stepmother to Alyssa and Gregory Junior. She splits her time between anchoring the news and attending track meets and dance competitions.

Frank Taylor's restaurant empire quickly shrank as many of his Detroit eateries closed. Two of the most popular restaurants in Detroit, the Detroit Fish Market and Detroit's Breakfast House and Grill, closed after a lawsuit was filed against Taylor. The lawsuit alleged that Taylor had attempted to defraud the city by moving money generated by the restaurant to other ventures and failing to pay $180,000 in rent.