How Do You Design a Most Wanted Poster?


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Designing a most-wanted poster can be accomplished on a computer using a specific design template, which can be obtained from websites such as GraphicRiver.net or MyScrapnook.com. A list of wanted poster templates with links to the associated websites can be found on TripWireMagazine.com. Some of the templates are free to use while others may require a purchase.

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The "Wanted" poster became a law-enforcement aid in the 19th century. Initially, the outlaw's photographs were not included because their reputation was already well known. Renditions of the poster usually feature the headline "WANTED!" with an amount of money for capture, either dead or alive.

Several different templates for a wanted poster can be found online. The modern versions are true to the originals and generally feature yellow, dirty paper with worn edges and bullet holes. GraphicRiver.net offers a poster template for $5 as of 2015. The design is authentic to the Old West renditions and allows users to customize the picture, fonts and text.

Although there are free templates available, premium templates offer more options. They are made in Adobe Photoshop psd format, offering coloring, layering and special effect editing options. Free templates are generally of lower resolution with fewer options and in jpg format.

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