How Do You Design Seating Place Cards With a Computer?


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To design seating place cards using a computer, use a word processing software program and upload a place card template or create an original using the formatting tools. Choose a size for the card, and set the margins or design box to the size. Because place cards are small, place several on one page. If you intend to fold the card into a tent, leave an equal amount of space above the design and name on the front.

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Many place card designs are simple, using just the first and last name of the guest with a border or a simple image. Choose a template that suits the size of the place card, or section a new document with several text boxes of an appropriate size to create a design. If you choose a template, edit the card by placing the guest's name in the text box and adjusting the color or size of the font. If you design a place card, insert a thin, decorative border around the section surrounding the name. Choose an appropriate font style and size, and center the name inside of the border.

Print the place cards onto thick card stock. Purchase card stock from an office supply store in any color you choose or that fits the party's colors. Decide how you want to display the card. If you plan to tie it to something, use a hole punch to thread ribbon through the top corner of the card. If it is a flat card, insert it into fork tines or a standing card holder. If it is a tented card, fold the card with the name on the front of the fold.

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