How Do You Design Your Own Superhero?

How Do You Design Your Own Superhero?

One way to design a superhero is to use the Marvel's Superhero Avatar Creator on Another method involves writing a biography for the hero and drawing a costume.

The Superhero Avatar Creator on allows you to name a superhero and then design a costume by mixing and matching costume elements from various Marvel characters. You can also customize the face, hair and other features of the superhero.

To create a superhero from scratch, start by writing down the powers the superhero has. Next, determine a story for how the hero obtained those powers. It is important to integrate the powers into the life story of the hero. Also, write about the evolution of the character's powers by creating a relationship between the character and her powers. Don't forget to give the hero a tragic flaw that makes the story more interesting.

Using the powers as a reference, choose a gender and body type for the superhero. The next step is to give the character a believable personality. Remember that the hero's everyday personality often varies from her superhero personality. Now, determine whether anyone in the immediate community of the hero knows about her powers. This helps establish the relationships the hero has with other people.

The last steps are to name the hero and draw up a costume. Add a unique trademark to the costume, such as a logo or identifying symbol.