How Do You Design a Logo?

How Do You Design a Logo?

To design a quality logo, first brainstorm what the logo needs to communicate about the business to the public, and then create a list of symbols or words that may fit well in a logo. Finally put the pieces together in various ways until a suitable combination is created.

  1. Brainstorm the purpose of the logo

    The first step is to brainstorm what the logo needs to communicate to the public about the business. A corporate business may want a more serious logo than a more personal business, such as a flower shop. The tone of the logo should express to the public what the business stands for.

  2. Make a list

    List all the words and images that might fit within the business's logo. Words can include the name of the business as well as words that mean something about the business, such as products or services the business provides. Images can be anything associated with the business, such as wine glasses or grapes for a winery.

  3. Experiment with ideas

    The only way to come up with a logo is to experiment with images and words until a good combination is found. Experimenting includes changing the colors, the fonts, the images and the words as much as possible. The more variations tried, the more options for a logo one has to choose from.