What Are Some Design Ideas for Giant Plant Pots?


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Some design ideas for giant plant pots are to display bunches of flowers, ferns or sweet potato plants. Place giant plant pots on the porch, in the garden or one on either side of a front door for an aesthetically-pleasing statement.

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One design idea for a giant plant pot is to plant a sweet potato in it. Sweet potato vines grow in abundance and provide ornamental greenery both to the pot and the surrounding area. Many designers use sweet potato vines in giant pots to make an outdoor area appear more filled out, as the plants are cost-effective and lush.

Another design idea for a giant plant pot is to use a fern plant to stick up over the top of the pot. Use two large plant pots next to each other, both with the same variety of fern, for a decorating statement that appears streamlined and well thought out.

Take two identical giant plant pots, plant the same plant (or variety of plants) in each one, then place them on either side of a doorway or gate to decorate the entryway. Choose from all different styles and colors of plant pots. Although it is not required to have the two plant pots be identical, it does make for a more sophisticated appearance.

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