How Do You Design a Health Care Brochure?


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To design a health care brochure, use a word processing program and reformat one of the software's existing brochure templates, or create one from a blank document. For an existing template, replace the photos with images or graphs that pertain to health care information. In the text sections, insert the relevant information for the health care program. If building the brochure from scratch, use the formatting tools to create the desired number of columns for the fold when printed.

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When you open a new document, search the document files for brochures. Preview any templates available and choose one that meets your needs. To change the text, simply highlight the area and type in your own information. Use formatting tools to change the alignment or font, if desired. Replace the existing images by clicking on the image and following the prompts provided to upload a new image.

If none of the templates meet your needs or design requirements, open a blank document and edit the page layout information. Make the document landscape instead of portrait and adjust any margins. Create two columns for a single fold or three for a tri-fold. Create content focused on the health care program and insert photos where needed. Format the font type and size per column for visual appeal.

Remember that both sides of the page have print on them, so design two pages of content. Include the program contact information and website. Be clear about the purpose of the brochure; whether it is to advertise or inform. Print the brochure on thick stock paper, and change the print settings so that it prints front and back. Print one test copy to ensure the brochure looks correct, check for typos and edits, make any necessary adjustments, and then print the final product.

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