What Is "Delirium" by Lauren Oliver About?

"Delirium" is the fictional story of Lena Haloway, a teenage girl living in a dystopian American future where love is viewed as a disease called "the deliria." The government requires that citizens receive the cure for the disease on their 18th birthdays, but just a few days before she is scheduled to receive the cure, Lena decides to live a life where love is a possibility.

Lena Haloway lives in a dystopian version of America where large areas of the country were destroyed by bombings, and the government has issued a cure for love, known as "the deliria." Lena is due to receive the mandated cure for "the deliria" on her 18th birthday. However, a chance meeting with an uncured boy, Alex, who lives in the forbidden territory outside the city called the Wilds, leads her to question the realities and purpose of a life without love. Lena decides to run away with Alex and join a group of rebels against the cure and the controlling government. Unfortunately, Alex and Lena are caught meeting together, and Lena is taken home, where she is held against her will until she is scheduled to receive the cure. Alex comes to her rescue, and he and Lena escape the cure and the city, but Alex is captured and killed while ensuring Lena's safety. Lena, promising to honor Alex's sacrifice, runs into the Wilds where she hopes to join the rebellion and find out what a life with love is really like.