How Do You Decorate With Party City Balloons?


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A few ideas for decorating with Party City balloons include do-it-yourself text, glitter and confetti balloons. Balloons can also be used to form a shape or number on a wall.

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How Do You Decorate With Party City Balloons?
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For the DIY text balloons, take any inflated balloon, and write a message or word in the center using a paint marker. Other permanent markers with soft and wide tips work as well.

The glitter balloons require a long tube of glitter. Place the tube in the opening of a clear uninflated balloon, and pour the glitter into it. For a densely glittered balloon, fill the balloon until it is a quarter full. A small funnel may also be used to pour glitter in the balloons. Once filled with the desired amount of glitter the balloons can be inflated and shaken up so the glitter spreads around.

One may use purchased confetti or homemade for the confetti balloon. Confetti can be made at home by hole punching paper, tissue paper or foil. A funnel is the best option for filling the balloons with confetti. As with the glitter balloons, pour into a flat balloon and inflate after. Again, shake to disperse the material. For the best results, choose a confetti color that is brighter than the balloon color.

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