What Is Debbie Macomber's "Blossom Street" Series?

What Is Debbie Macomber's "Blossom Street" Series?

Debbie Macomber's series "Blossom Street" is a group of romance novels about a knitting shop in Seattle called A Good Yarn. It is located on Blossom Street, and the books focus on the women who frequent the shop. There are 11 novels in the series as of 2014.

Debbie Macomber, an American romance and contemporary fiction novelist, published her first "Blossom Street" novel in 2004. Titled "The Shop on Blossom Street," the novel features the character Lydia Hoffman, who owns A Good Yarn and teaches knitting classes to beginners. The series follows Lydia and several other women in their quests for love and happiness.

The series begins when Lydia, a cancer survivor, opens her shop after becoming healthy again. She begins her knitting lessons with baby blanket classes, for which three very different women sign up. The second book in the series, titled "A Good Yarn" and published in 2005, continues to follow Lydia and three new women who sign up for her class. The third book, "Susannah's Garden," published in 2006, is a departure and follows Susannah Nelson.

The next titles are "Christmas Letters," "Back on Blossom Street," "Twenty Wishes" and "Summer on Blossom Street." In 2010, Macomber published the next title, "Hannah's List," followed by "A Turn in the Road," "Starting Now" and, in 2014, "Blossom Street Brides."

Macomber, herself a knitter, provides details about knitting in her works. She has also published two non-fiction knitting books since the success of the "Blossom Street" series.