How Do You Get DD Sports Channel on Your TV?

Customers interested in getting the channel DD Sports on their TV should check with their cable or satellite television company for availability. DD Sports is a TV channel located in India. It is available to 38 countries through INSAT-4B satellite, as of 2015.

The availability of DD Sports in the United States depends on the specific television provider. For example, customers who have Comcast Xfinity as their cable provider should contact the company for a list of available channels. Use the following steps to determine whether a specific provider offers DD Sports:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Go to the cable company's website by entering the address in a Web browser. For example, enter to view the Comcast Xfinity website.

  3. View the channel list
  4. Click on the "Check TV Listing" link to view a list of available channels. Filter the list by choosing "Sports."

DD Sports was launched on March 8, 1998 as Doordarshan Kendra Delhi. It broadcasts in both Hindi and English. As of 2015, it is the only channel in India that promotes local sports. Transmission increased to 24 hours a day in June 2000, with the majority of the time focusing on live sports coverage. Dome sports offered by DD Sports include cricket, kabaddi, kho-kho, tennis and hockey.