What Is "The Dark Secret of Harvest Home" About?


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The "Dark Secret of Harvest Home" is a Gothic horror film based on the book "Harvest Home" by Thomas Tryon. The film was aired as a miniseries on television in 1978. The show is about a young couple and their daughter who move from New York City to the rural community of Cornwall Coombe, Connecticut in search of a more peaceful and idyllic life. What they find is a community focused on a strict adherence to ancient Pagan rituals.

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The "Dark Secret of Harvest Home" focuses on the newcomers to the Cornwall Coombe, Connecticut community. Ned and Beth Constantine have moved from New York City with their daughter, Kate, in search of a more peaceful and artistic life. Having overcome marital problems and still dealing with the asthma that inflicts Kate, the family settles into a 300-year-old house. The family attempts to integrate into a community that doesn't welcome outsiders.

The first hints of something not being quite right appear on the night of the Agnes Fair, when Ned Constantine sees a young girl performing divination over the corpse of a sheep. The more Ned investigates the community, the more sinister it becomes, both in his mind and in reality.

The conclusion of the film centers around the Harvest Home Festival and the ritual involving the Corn Maiden and Harvest Lord done to ensure a bountiful corn harvest for the next seven years.

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