Who Is Danny Koker's Wife?

Pianist and Vocalist Danny Koker was married to a woman named Mary until his death in 2008. The year that they were married is unknown.

Mary Koker was the wife of musician Danny Koker until his death in 2008. Very little personal information is publicized about Mary Koker, such as her maiden name, family history, birth date or the year she was married to Danny Koker. She is better known as the mother of actor Danny Koker who is the owner of Count's Kustoms Auto Repair in Las Vegas, Nevada and star of TV reality shows "Counting Cars" and "Pawn Stars." Mrs. Koker also has a daughter Kim and a daughter in-law, Count's Kustoms Auto Repair co-owner Korie Fera- Koker.

Mary Koker is mentioned as beloved partner and wife in the obituary of Danny Koker.