What Are Some of Danielle Steel's Most Famous Novels?

danielle-steel-s-famous-novels Credit: axel bernstorff/Cultura/Getty Images

Some of Danielle Steel's most famous novels are "Sisters," "The Gift," "Accident," "Fine Things" and "Kaleidoscope." Other popular books by Steel are "Zoya," "Heartbeat," "Malice" and "The Promise."

Danielle Steel is an American author who is famous for writing romantic novels. "The Promise" was Steel's first published novel. It was released in 1979. "The Promise" is a love story between architect Michael Hillyard and artist Nancy McAllister. Hillyard wishes to marry his lover McAllister, despite his mother's disapproval. An accident separates the pair minutes before the wedding and they go their separate ways. The pair of lovers pursue new lives, but remain drawn to each other. Eventually, nothing can keep them apart.

"Sisters" was originally published in 1989. This novel centers around four sisters who live very different lives around the world. One is a successful model, another is a TV producer, another is a lawyer and the fourth sister is an artist. A family tragedy brings all four sisters back home to Manhattan. They once again reconnect and reminisce about their childhood.

"Kaleidoscope" is a 1987 novel focusing on three sisters. Their father kills his wife and himself so the children are orphaned. They are each torn apart to live separate lives. After many years, they reunite as adults.