What Dance Moves Are Best for 1970s Disco Music?

Moves from The Hustle, The Bump, The Bus Stop and The Funky Chicken Dance are suitable for dancing to disco music from the 1970s. The YMCA Dance is appropriate for dancing to the 1978 song "YMCA" by The Village People, as it requires dancers to form the letters "Y," "M," "C" and "A" in sequence with their arms whenever those letters are mentioned in the song.

The Hustle developed from the 1975 song, "Do the Hustle," by Van McCoy, but it is easily applied to most other disco songs. It is a mixture of Swing and Latin and involves multiple iconic disco dance moves. It is performed solo, with a partner or in a line. Different variations of the dance exist, such as the New York Hustle and the LA Hustle.

The Bump is a simple dance for partners. While standing close to but apart from one another, both partners sway to the music, bumping their hips together. They repeat the process, usually alternating between bumping their right and left hips together.

For The Bus Stop, dancers begin by facing the front of the room with their feet together. They step back three times, starting with their left foot, and tap the left foot against the right foot on the third step, while clapping their hands together. The dance sequence is repeated starting with the opposite foot to move forward.

The Funky Chicken Dance involves performing jerky moves with the arms and legs that imitate the movement of a chicken. Dancers are supposed to incorporate their own styles into the dance, making it unique.