What Is Dan Gutman's "My Weirder School" Series of Books About?

What Is Dan Gutman's "My Weirder School" Series of Books About?

The "My Weirder School" books are a series of stories about a boy named A.J. and the weird behavior of the adults at his school. The series is the third in author Dan Gutman's "Weird School" series.

The "My Weirder School" book series featuring nine-year-old A.J., a third grader at Ella Mentry School. In the two previous series "My Weird School" and "My Weird School Daze," the books opened with A.J. saying that he hates school. In this series, although he still hates school, he no longer says it at the beginning of the books. Although A.J. hates school throughout the series, he is in the gifted and talented program.

A.J.'s best friends are Ryan Dole and Michael Richardson. Ryan's mother is the head of the PTA, which embarrasses him. Michael never ties his shoes. The three friends like Pee Wee Football, Fizz Ed, junk food and dirt bikes. They are all also friends with Alexia Juarez and Neil Crouch.

A.J.'s nemesis is a girl named Andrea Kennedy Young who is also in the gifted program. Andrea likes school, reading, taking classes, soccer and ballet, all the things that A.J. hates. Andrea's mother is the vice president of the PTA which causes a rivalry with Ryan.

There are 12 books in this series, and each book highlights the weird behavior of an adult. The books have titles such as "Mrs. Lilly is Silly" and "Mr. Jack is a Maniac," and each book tells of what the title character did that was so strange.